INDOPRINT 2011 - The 6th Indonesian International Printing Exhibition

INDOPRINT 2011 - The 6th Indonesian International Printing Exhibition

Presenting a top class line up of the best in the printing industry

PT Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur 慦AKENI� brings forth Indoprint 2011, the leading specialized printing exhibition in Indonesia that has continuously helped to develop higher standards in the printing industry. Indoprint 2011 is pitched as the international communications platform for forging contacts between businesses and a place to discover new ideas.

Prospects are good for the industry as the print market in Asia is set to pick up. From 2011 the market is expected to recover steadily to reach US $221.5 billion by 2014, a growth of 2.6% over 2009 estimates of US $215.8 billion. Recovery is expected from 2010 onwards with slight growth of up to 2014, led by the emerging markets and sales of digital equipment.

Demand for print has grown steadily over the last few years. Tracking this trend, paper and board consumption across Asia reached 70 million tons in 2009. With a slight reduction in the average grams range in most grades, tonnages may have reduced.

From 2003 - 2008 the value of print grew more rapidly than paper consumption and slightly more rapidly than ink volumes, while there was a real drop in the value of all print machinery orders in Asia. There is an important trend and that is the activities undertaken by printers to provide additional value-added services to their customers. This is expected to continue to 2014 as the print market is set to outperform growth in ink volumes and paper tonnage.

Print machinery market will significantly outperform the print market as sales volumes recover from the 2009 lows in tandem with the recovery of the economy. Greater competition is expected to drive down the unit cost of production, forcing print companies to adapt themselves and take up more digital production. Indoprint 2011 will capitalize on this and promote the digital aspect of products and technology that is slated to change the landscape of the printing industry in Indonesia.

Indoprint 2011 is a professional international communication platform created for printing specialists to showcase latest innovations and product enhancements, the market place for buyers and sellers to meet face to face, a not to be missed opportunity to do business, network and learn. A top class line up of the best in the printing industry will be showcased in this exhibition.

Event Fact Sheet

Date : 30 March � 02 April 2011
Venue : Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Hall D, Jakarta, Indonesia
Opening Hour : 10.00 am to 07.00 pm
Open to : Trade Visitors and Professionals only
Exhibition Space : 7,420 sqm
Exhibitors Targeted : 200 Exhibitors from 25 Countries
Visitors Targeted : 35,000 Visitors from 10 Countries

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