Aerospace Testing Russia 2010 attracted 4500 specialists

Aerospace Testing Russia 2010 attracted 4500 specialists

Aerospace Testing Russia was organised by ITE, with support provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation, Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics, and Interstate Aviation Committee.
Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the exhibition, Alexander Shtalenkov, General Director of ITE, said: “The aviation industry has an important political and economic significance for Russia. At present, it is one of the priority sectors of the domestic economy. Aerospace developments are knowledge- and labour-intensive, and require long periods of testing. The Aerospace Testing Russia exhibition - which demonstrates developments in the field of measuring, monitoring and testing systems, and spacecraft units and their components – will promote open dialogue between Russian experts and foreign partners, and experience sharing, which, in turn, will facilitate cooperation and the introduction of the latest developments in the air transport industry.”

In turn, Ivan Yakushkin, President of the International Association of Participants of Space Activities, which consists of 65 companies of the rocket and space industry, reminded the audience that “the leadership of the country has set [the industry] the task of serious modernisation, including the creation of new carriers and spacecraft. These issues are being addressed by a comprehensive set of tests on Earth, and by new advances in science and technology.”

In his welcome to the exhibitors and visitors, Boris Artemyev, a representative of the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics, said: “The Aerospace Testing Russia exhibition works not only for purchasing equipment, monitoring and engineering support, but also for the mutual penetration of ideas and techniques that are the basis of research for aviation technologies.”

Alexey Seryeznov, an academic of the Russian Academy of Sciences, stressed that “the safe operation of aviation technology used by people is of crucial importance and we must move more quickly to new information technologies.”

This year, the exhibition presented 85 companies from Russia, Germany, USA, France, India and the Czech Republic. The exhibitors included leading international companies, such as: Bangalore Integrated Systems Solutions (India), Shimadzu Europe GmbH (Germany), Agilent Technologies (USA), National Instruments (USA), Fogale Nanotech (France), and Rohde Schwarz (Germany). Among the Russian exhibitors were: «Диполь», Elena Moore Trading, «БЛМ Синержи», Informtest, «Криосистемы», «Мелитэк», «Мастер-Тул», Novatest, Oktava +, Santek 2, «Тестсистемы, Exiton Analytic, and «Эликс +».

Within the exhibition, business seminars and presentations were given by: Informtest, Santek 2, WFS GmbH (Saxony Economic Development Corporation), Oktava +, ASM-TM, EMT (Elena Moore Trading), Novatest, Exiton Analytic, MEGA Industrial Association, and Vitek.

4500 aerospace industry professionals visited the exhibition over the three days.

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