China: FruVeg Expo in Shanghai

China: FruVeg Expo in Shanghai

Over the recent years, China is increasingly partaking in global trading flows, establishing a competitive standing for itself alongside major global players. In the agricultural sectors, China holds one of the highest potential for the production of fruit and vegetables, with a considerable global market share of 10% and 35% for its oranges and apples respectively. However, its share of global exports is still substantially lower than its Western counterparts, namely Spain, Brazil, America and France.

Whilst looking for more export trade relations, China also opens it doors to more fruit and vegetables related imports to cater to the growing Chinese appetite for imported products. In the first half of 2010, China imported 1,459 million tones of fruits with a value of US$1.05 billion, marking a 21.1% growth in import value.

The China Chamber of Commerce and China Council for Promotion of International Trade are organizing the annual FruVeg Shanghai Expo this October as a platform for international professionals of this trade and its related logistical companies to showcase their products and technologies. The exhibition serves as a valuable channel for international companies to maintain old business ties, establish new contacts and penetrate the extensive global markets.

General Manager of Shanghai Lan Ding Industries Co. Ltd., Mr. Fan says “China needs to open up to more international fruit and vegetable trade, and FruVeg Expo provides a good platform for us to meet more foreign exporters”. Lan Ding is an international organization dealing with fruit and vegetables trading, and one of the many local companies which expressed support for the show. Fan also believes that “there is much to gain from this.”

The show comprises of three main segments:
FruVeg Expo- International Fruit and Vegetable Marketing and Logistics Trade Fair;
Fresh Convenience - Exhibition of Fresh Processing Equipment and Packaging Machinery; Growtech - Agricultural Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation Techniques.

This exhibition fair will be held in Shanghai, 20-22 October, hosting about 300 exhibitors from not just China’s local provinces but countries all over the world including Australia, Japan, Pakistan, India, Serbia, Chile, Egypt, Uruguay, Ecuador, South Africa and more. Being an advanced, commercialized economy, Shanghai is privileged with one of the world’s largest trading ports and adequate communicative and transport infrastructures, rendering it the most suitable exhibition location in China.

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